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Take Superb Pictures with a Regular Digital Camera

Take Superb Pictures with a Regular Digital Camera

by adminFebruary 11, 2016

Do your pictures suck?

With the rise of Instagram, Facebook, and other social media outlets, the world is now crowded with aspiring photographers, but the margin of those who excel and successfully pursue this passion is very slim; Many people simply ‘give up’ upon reaching the first road block: taking genuinely ‘good’ pictures. Now, it may seem obvious that in order to become respected as a ‘good’ photographer you must take ‘good’ pictures, but I’m not talking about simply taking pictures with an xx.xx megapixel camera with xxx zoom capabilities. I’m talking about capturing a scene, getting creative, truly pushing the limits of modern photography.

What makes your photos stand out from the crowd?

Personally, I’ve only ever been mildly interested in photography. My passions hover more over the analyzing, sharing, and discussing of photographs. I edit pictures and create advertisements for businesses, so I am knowledgeable enough to tell a ‘good’ picture from a ‘bad’ picture. In my few years of work, the majority of pictures my clients have proposed for possible ads and other projects have been absolutely atrocious. There have been very few who’ve actually possessed and applied their knowledge of photography to their work, but those few have been the ones I enjoy working with most, (and the most successful). So please, keep reading and learn how to take photos that will grab your audience’s attention, not bore them to misery (trust me it’s a thing).

no-photoshopLearn Photography from the Best

I often browse the web, searching for helpful resources regarding photography that I can forward to my clients. Let me tell you, there are MANY companies out there claiming their customers become “masters of photography overnight!” While mastering photography overnight would be very convenient, it simply isn’t feasible. But in all of my days spent searching, the one that comes closest is TrickPhotography.

When I purchased this product, I initially assumed it was just the 300 page E-book, so I was slightly disappointed. However, after browsing and eventually reading the material ‘bound’ inside to completion, I realized I was in possession of information worth much more than the measly $47.00 I forked over for it. (It’s even on sale now). And upon further review (checking my email), I learned that you also receive nine hours of in-depth video. The care and effort the creator put into these videos is very evident; I considered myself an expert with Photoshop, but he still managed to teach me a few things. TrickPhotography really (and I mean really) took me by surprise. Its breadth of information was astounding:  Providing an informative introduction covering basic picture taking for the beginners and amateurs, then moving on to different camera settings & options, and eventually covering advanced special effects that truly made my pictures a pleasure to look at. Some specific photo-learning-opportunities (hah) include:

  • Taking 360 degree panoramic shots
  • The use of green screens
  • The creation of ‘hovering’ or ‘invisible’ objects
  • ‘Lightpainting’ — personal favorite

Full album available here.

Written by Evan Sharboneau, a highly regarded industry expert, TrickPhotography reveals some of the most well-kept secrets of the pros and puts the power of photography in his reader’s hands. It is somewhat costly, and if you are at all unsatisfied with your purchase (you won’t be) you can easily request your money back with the two-month guarantee. To recap: If you want or need to bring your photography to the next level in the near future but don’t have thousands to spend, check this out. You’ll thank me.


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