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Create Stunning Designs using Photoshop

Create Stunning Designs using Photoshop

by adminFebruary 10, 2016

This is a continuation of my article on taking good pictures. If you haven’t yet, check it out here.

Struggling to Edit your Photos?

Ever wish you knew how to expertly edit photos? Customize images to your specific needs/wants? Photo editing is a skill in high demand in today’s modern world, but yet most find themselves inadequate in this arena. Online tutorials are lacking, processional help is grossly expensive and the provided Adobe ‘help,’ well, really isn’t much help.

As you have probably noticed, there exists but one program that is accepted (professionally and socially) as the standard when it comes to photo editing: Adobe Photoshop. With it’s endless menus, options within said menus, and foreign tools, (WTH is a mask overlay??) for many, Photoshop seems like a daunting, unconquerable software. But fear not, as anyone with a little motivation, reasonable intelligence, and the right instructor can realize his or her photo-editing success with Photoshop.

As a now experienced Photoshop user with no formal education/background in the photo/digital art field, I have seen and been disappointed by a fair share of tutorials and instructional guides. I (and most others) have come to the conclusion that these guides are not much help and the so-called instructors are often amateur Photoshop users themselves. I want to take this opportunity to clear the smoke and provide those eager to learn photo-editing with a video series that has helped me expand my skill set and add more quality to my digital game character

Learn to Edit from the Pros

I introduce to you the most in depth, effective, easily comprehensive, & all around best Photoshop guide on the market today: “LearnPhotoEditing.

Before discovering this series, I had had little experience with Photoshop and was not confident editing personal pictures, let alone other people’s/customers. The fundamentals and organization of Photoshop were not explained to me to the extent that was necessary, and I paid the price. After a few months of struggling, I gave up and realized that Photoshop is “only for the pros.” However, this is simply not true, as “LearnPhotoEditing” proved to me: anyone provided the right instructor can master this complex editing program.

With its breadth as well as depth, LearnPhotoEditing allowed me to solidify my then-basic understanding of Photoshop, but also explained the more intricate and time-consuming functions in great deal, including:

  • The creation of professional looking magazine ads
  • Making portraits taken with sub-par cameras look out of this world
  • The creation of video game characters
    • And the creation of fantasy worlds accompanying them
  • Delicate facial retouching
  • The addition of surreal detail

Take a look at some of the examples below:

Each of these and more complex Photoshop functions have their own designated 1 – 2 1/2 hour video tutorial, explaining the different steps, options, and processes involved in creating your own customized digital images from the ground up. There are also countless ‘mini-tutorials’ available on the site per more specific user requests — including the creation of cartoon characters, sketching, and the optimization of image loading times. If the tutorials are insufficient in any way, you can contact them directly with your questions; the company also utilizes a blog where thousands of users ask and answer questions, give feedback, and leave support and ratings.

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