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February 11, 2016

Take Superb Pictures with a Regular Digital Camera

Do your pictures suck?

With the rise of Instagram, Facebook, and other social media outlets, the world is now crowded with aspiring photographers, but the margin of those who excel and successfully pursue this passion is very slim; Many people simply ‘give up’ upon reaching the first road block: taking genuinely ‘good’ pictures. Now, it may seem obvious that in order to become respected as a ‘good’ photographer you must take ‘good’ pictures, but I’m not talking about simply taking pictures with an xx.xx megapixel camera with xxx zoom capabilities. I’m talking about capturing a scene, getting creative, truly pushing the [...]

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February 10, 2016

Create Stunning Designs using Photoshop

This is a continuation of my article on taking good pictures. If you haven’t yet, check it out here.

Struggling to Edit your Photos?

Ever wish you knew how to expertly edit photos? Customize images to your specific needs/wants? Photo editing is a skill in high demand in today’s modern world, but yet most find themselves inadequate in this arena. Online tutorials are lacking, processional help is grossly expensive and the provided Adobe ‘help,’ well, really isn’t much help.

As you have probably noticed, there exists but one program that is accepted (professionally and socially) as the standard when it comes to photo editing: Adobe Photoshop. With it’s endless [...]

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